Saturday, July 10, 2010

35 Weeks

8 Months old,only 4 months away the big 1st birthday.

*Pulls herself up on her two feet
*Crawls much faster now. Still army crawling for the most part.
*Says "Dada" and sometimes it sounds like she says 'mum"
*She loves noddles and her baby puffs
*Not a big fan of the pack n play
*Pulls herself up in her crib,which means time to lower the mattress
*gives five
*claps hands together


  1. wow all those amazing millstone happening :-)

  2. such a big girl!! She is growing so fast! She will be walking soo soon, watch out! lol

  3. They are growing so quickly now, it seems like something new happens everyday. What are you planning for M's Birthday?

  4. I know it seems like its something almost everyday/week that she does new these days.

    I am not quite sure just yet but I'm thinking a little something with close friends/family. I want to get her a cute 1st birthday outfit(tutu matching bow,baby legs etc) maybe a punk princess party(black and pink skulls theme hehe)