Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Fun

My best friend Ashley came into town from Arizona on Friday. I went to her sisters with the kids to visit. My kids and her kids have known each other now for 5 years and have became best friends just as their mom and I have over the years. It is such a blessing to have came across such wonderful people.

So that night we caught up on all that has been going on,what we are doing etc, and kids had a blast playing.

Saturday we met the mommies from our playgroup at one the recreation center pools here in town. Ended up being such an awesome turn out. We started this playgroup in April 2005. All of us have such awesome friendships as our children so as well growing up together. Brittany,Begona,Katy,Shannon,Dawn,Ashley and I had a great time at the pool. All the kids swan and went down the water slides and wore themselves out.

That evening I went with Ashley and her family to Madame Tussuads wax museum. It was the kids and I's first time and we had a good time there as well. Boy's thought it was so cool to see the wax celebs all over. Had fun figuring out who some were and taking pictures with some of the wax figures.

We live in Vegas but hardly go down to the strip so that was an extra treat for the boys to see the strip all lit up at night time too.

Sunday was just a chill inside kinda day. We had to wait for the direct TV guy to come over and install our cable. Yes we just got cable again after almost a year of not having it hooked up. I am excited and not so at the same time. It is nice not having it as then we do not spend time just sitting around watching TV, but then I like it to since I can catch up on many of my favorite shows and watch things with the family too.

We bought an older 22ft boat on Thursday so we hope to take it out next Saturday to the lake. It is an older boat and needs some love but I really think this is going to be a great 1st time boat for our family. It has the underneath space to sleep, has a toilet and fridge on the boat. It is a bit to hot right now to stay the night on the lake with our daughter but we will for sure do that often as the summer heat starts to make its way outta here.

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!!!


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