Wednesday, March 17, 2010


How do I stay caught up on blogging?? Where do I find the time to catch up and write about everything on my mind,daily thoughts,updates etc.. I can not seem to find the time to keep caught up on my blog.

I've been wanting to blog about a few things. Mariah turning 4 months and her milestones up to this point, the boys and school activities,sickness,California trip last weekend..and much more but I can not seem to find the time.

With Mariah home with me all day,helping the boys with school work and hanging out with them,dinner,cleaning,movie nights with the hubby and sleep..I'm really not sure when I will be caught up. I would like to blog more often and show that I am not really this boring ol bump on a log.. someday I will be able to make the time.

I mean look I am now and yet I am posting about not having time haha. Well its 10:30pm so I really should go to bed as everyone else is already sleeping including Mariah in which will wake in a few hours for a quick feeding and cuddle then back to sleep she will I suppose I shall go rest some till that time..

Good Night


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